Monday, May 14, 2018

Solar Imaging Session - May 14, 2018

The sky this afternoon is partly cloudy and I have to fight the clouds for almost 3 hours under the heat if the Sun to get some decent shot of the Sun in Ha wavelength. 2 sunspot groups are visible with AR2709 Sunspot Group the slightly more prominent one than the departing AR2708 Sunspot Group which is near the western limb already. Both in white light are quite small and very inconspicious with pore light structure only. 2 nice prominences are visible in the NW and SW limb. There is also a possible new active region developing in between AR2709 and 2708 Sunspot Groups as it has some plage developing. I also use my old reliable TV-101 refractor for this session as it has been a very long while since I had used it so its a good time to let it taste the heat of the Sun once again.

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