Thursday, November 28, 2019

Solar Imaging Session - November 28, 2019

The sky this afternoon is slightly hazy but mostly clear. I did another test shot of the Sun using my EOS M6 mirrorless camera on Borg 76ED refractor at f/6.5 with Baader 5.0 solar filter mounted and expose for 1/2000 sec exposure at ISO 100. I also test use my other Baader 3.8 solar filter and image is overexposed even at max exposure of 1/4000 sec! The framing on the Sun is optimal with some ample space for the solar image to be still inside the field of view and can later be cropped for optimal size after processing. I would think even adding an extra 2x EF converter is still OK at 1000mm f/13. On that I can probably use the Baader 3.8 solar filter instead but I'm happy on the no 2x converter image FOV.

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