Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - April 14, 2010 (2 Huge Faint Eruptive Prominences and Dark Filaments)


I wake up this morning with still a bad stomach but since I'm eager to check the huge eruptive prominence that I missed yesterday because of bad skies, I still put enough strength to check on the Sun. Unfortunately, the huge prominence is gone :( =====

Since I have already setup, I scanned the entire limb to see if there is any activities worth imaging. On the northern limb, I could see numerous dark filaments clearly. AR 11062 Sunspot Group, on the other hand is decaying and almost gone. But to give some incentives to my effort today, the Sun still gives me 2 huge eruptive prominences in the SE limb as a consolation :) LOL

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