Saturday, October 18, 2014

Solar Imaging Session - October 19, 2014 (Huge AR12192 Sunspot Group!)

The sky this morning is very erratic! Seeing condition can vary from fair to worst in just a few seconds!!! It was a very frustrating imaging session as I not only had to fight with bad seeing condition but also fast moving clouds that tends to test one's patience trying to wait for a good opportunity to capture even a short video clip! There was even a frustrating moment when I gave up the session already after getting a good focus, then clouds rolled in totally. After waiting for a hour, I disassemble my entire setup and brought inside the house then the clouds, suddenly cleared up! Damn! I setup again fro scratch and when I'm done already, its clouded out again! I was only able to get a short clip of a few seconds before I got clouded out again and add insult to injury, our obstruction from our roof adds in into my frustration!!! I thought of calling it a day for this session but clouds is trying their best to taunt me all morning long, it even open a semi large clear sky part near the Sun for me to have another try on the Sun again but I had to move the entire setup to the other corner of our laundry area for me to get some more clearance to image the Sun! I was able to get another clip of the Sun again then got clouded out totally. Sigh! As I was thinking how can I can get a decent image out of these 2 frustrating video clip I made all morning long till 1pm in the afternoon? Guess what? I think I have a decent shot of the AR12192 Sunspot Group after all and it came from the less 10 second shot I made from my first attempt this morning! The rest are too rubbish and frustrating that I delete them off asap to lessen my frustration. From that short clip, I think I got a 2/5 seeing condition image that shows nice faculae as well as nice penumbral structure of the sunspot group. It's the only image I got from a 9:45am-1:00pm session ! :) LOL Better than nothing at all :0

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