Saturday, December 12, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - December 13, 2009


Due to last night high school class Xmas party, I was dead tired after going home and was able to wake up late in the morning already. Nevertheless, with the sky a bit cloudy and hazy, I had some hesitation to do my routine solar work, but my love for the Sun deep inside practically yelling at me to setup and observe the Sun.

Oh God! I was surprised to see a huge eruptive solar prominence as well as a large one but the weather was really bad but I still continue monitoring and hoping for some small openings for me to image the 2 prominences. Well, patience has its fruits and I was blessed to image one of the 2 prominences only before whole sky clouded out :(

Nevertheless, I was able to get the huge eruptive prominence and it can be viewed below:

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