Sunday, April 26, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - April 26, 2009


I wake up this morning to see the sky a bit hazy but since the Sun had already shifted to the NE, I had to wait for around lunchtime to observe and image the Sun. Nevertheless, the seeing was surprising steady and I was also able to see a nice large loop prominence. Image can be viewed below:

Another smaller eruptive prominence can also be viewed below:

Solar Imaging Session - April 25, 2009


Seeing this morning was not good but there was an interesting large eruptive prominence that can be faintly viewed amid the bad seeing. I still image it though and can be viewed below:

Aside from the large prominence, I was also able to image two more small groups of prominences that can be viewed below:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - April 19, 2009


The sky was very cloudy early this morning so virtualy impossible to even see the Sun :( But just before lunchtime, there are some breaks in the clouds that allowed me to image the Sun through the cloud openings.

The prominences today were boring except for one small detached eruptive prominence residual that can still be seen floating away from the solar limb from the image below:

The other small prominences that were visible in the solar limb were as follows:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - April 18, 2009


The seeing this morning was horrible! Although I could see two large eruptive prominences, the seeing really soften the view too much that one can only see the prominences in a ghostly way...... :(

Nevertheless, I still image them for posterity. Hoping tomorrow seeing will be greatly improve :0

Friday, April 17, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - April 17, 2009


After arriving from my provincial trip and also had a small case of food poisoning from the food that I ate from the bus stop, I still put up some energy and determination to try observing and imaging the Sun this morning. Much to my surprise, the Sun was a bit active with several large eruptive prominences around the solar limb. Seeing was good this morning.

Nice tree-like structure eruptive prominences!

Whoa! Large Eruptive Prominence! One of the biggest one in months :0

Hmmm...... still nice moderate size eruptive prominences.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - April 12, 2009


Although the sky this morning was cloudy, I was able to get a small window for me to image the Sun. There are 2 nice eruptive prominences that are clearly visible even at the eyepiece view of my PST. There is another much fainter prominence that I was able to see too but image details too faint to conceive. Nevertheless, I image both of them as well below:

Solar Imaging Session - April 11, 2009


The Sun is visible this morning with some clouds passing in front. Seeing was poor again today at around 1 /5 . There were several groups of small to medium prominences that are visible through the PST at 32x.

Moon Watching with KC


After we got back from Tagaytay,we saw the Moon shining brightly inthe eastern horizon so both me and my son KC quickly setup KC's ETX-90AT and point it out the window. KC was excited and calling his mom to also take a look at the Waning Gibbous Moon. At 48x, the Moon shows a lot of great details and the craters near the limb were sharp. Not bad for a small scope.

KC looking through his ETX-90 AT

Me and KC posing beside his ETX-90 AT after an enjoyable view of the Moon!

Cant resist the opportunity not to image the Moon :) LOL

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - April 10, 2009


Today is Maundy Thursday and the sky was not that clear like yesterday. The Sun is still visible through passing clouds and there were a few prominences visible at the limb. I was able to quickly image 2 nice prominences before clouds and roof obstruction end my imaging session. Seeing was poor at 1 / 5 .

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - April 9, 2009


Darn! I wake up late this morning and quickly jump out of bed to try to observe and image the Sun before it gets block from my eastern window view by the roof. The Sun is starting to rise more NW as the days comes and I had to image early before 9:00 AM or else I have to move my setup downstairs at the laundry area to image it :(

Nevertheless, I was still able to view the Sun today without moving my setup. The Sun today was a bit boring with 2 small eruptive prominence to enjoy. I was only able to get one of them before the Sun get block by the roof.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - April 6, 2009


I continue to monitor the 3 large prominences that i saw and imaged yesterday. Seeing was not that good but still ok. The 3 large prominences today has shrink in size. Nevertheless, the view is still good. I also notice a possible active region developing near the eastern lim beside one of the eruptive prominence. Maybe we might be able to see a possible new sunspot group popping out in a day or two......

Solar Imaging Session - April 5, 2009


Finally! After a long dry solar imaging spell because of busy schedule as well as bad weather. I was able to do some solar Ha this morning. The seeing was ok and I quickly setup the PST and try to look at the Sun. I was initially able to see 1 large prominence but when i setup already for imaging, I was surprised to see 2 more big fainter prominences!

Nice start for me for the year 2009 for Solar Ha imaging and hope to be able to do more in the days to come!