Saturday, December 4, 2021

Solar Imaging Session - December 5, 2021

The sky this morning is clear and seeing condition is fair. AR2902 Sunspot Group is nearing the NW limb while a small emerging AR2904 Sunspot Group can be seen near the SE limb. a nice large eruptive prominence can be seen in the SE limb as well. AR2902 Sunspot Group in CaK wavelength shows beautiful plage region surrounding the group while a large plage region can also be seen at the center of the Sun's disk. AR2904 Sunspot Groups shows also some plage region as well.

Comet Imaging Session - C/2021 A1 Leonard

The sky this early morning was partly clear so I try to setup to image Comet C/2021 A1 Leonard which is a little near the bright star Arcturus in constellation of Bootes. Although I started setting a little early at 3:00am, but I run into mount problem as it's been a while already that I had image deep sky once again since March of this year. I almost gave up this session as it was very frustrating but I persevere until I was able to get things going but unfortunately, I lose a lot of time on it :( But nevertheless, I still was able to capture the comet and fighting daybreak as it was already past 5:30am and some clouds try to pester me once more as some these clouds try to cover the comet field! Sigh... Anyway, here's my image of the comet with some cloud cover on the field as well as a 50% crop off the damn clouds! The comet is more or less about magnitude 7 with the usual green color head. I hope to reimage again tomorrow morning and hope I will get a clearer shot of the comet before it sink further into the NE horizon.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Solar Imaging Session - November 30, 2021

The sky this morning is very hazy and cloudy. Seeing condition is fair. AR2898 and 2900 Sunspot Groups are beautiful in all 3 wavelengths. There are also 2 huge groups of eruptive prominences in the SW and NE limb.A beautiful Huge Snake Filaprom can be seen beside AR2900 Sunspot Group and arching its way toward the limb. There are also 2 smaller sunspot groups visible namely AR2901 and 2902. Seeing condition deteriorated when I was imaging in CaK wavelength this images are slightly soft but I'm not complaining :) LOL

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Solar Imaging Session - November 21, 2021

The sky this afternoon is clear and seeing condition is also very good. The Sun is very quiet with only 2 small sunspot groups visible namely AR2896 and AR2897. In Ha wavelength, there is a beautiful huge twisting dark filament in the SE quadrant. Both AR2896 and AR2897 Sunspot Groups shows very small flaring activities only. In CaK wavelength, some nice plages can be seen surrounding both sunspot groups.