Thursday, August 29, 2013

Solar Imaging Session - August 30, 2013 (Nice NE Large Eruptive Prominence)

The sky this morning is partly cloudy but I was able to get a view of the Sun through Ha wavelength. Seeing condition is poor but the view of the solar features are not that bad. There are 3 nice sunspot groups namely AR11836, AR11835 & AR11834 visible on the solar disk. AR11835 Sunspot Group shows nice solar activity inside its core as well as AR11834 Sunspot Group. There is a nice huge eruptive prominence visible in the NE quadrant as well as a nice group of eruptive prominences visible in the SW limb. Unfortunately, clouds and rooftop obstruction prevented me from imaging the latter group in Ha as well as make any white light observation and imaging too :( Nevertheless, a nice solar imaging and observation session despite the poor sky condition. Hope tomorrow will have better condition :(

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Solar Imaging Session - August 24, 2013

Finally, after more than 4 months of solar hibernation, I was able to again see sunlight peering through my observing window so I quickly setup my solar equipment to observe the Sun in H-Alpha wavelength. But as I was observing the Sun, thick clouds and haze started to spoil my first imaging session in several month's time. But this didn't stop me from still trying to get something out of the session despite the poor condition. I was able to get a shot of the large looped dark filament in the SW quadrant through passing clouds. Image quality is poor but I'm still happy I still manage to image even one poor frame :0 Hope to get better images tomorrow........