Saturday, February 1, 2014

Solar Imaging Session - February 2. 2014

The sky this morning is slightly hazy but seeing condition is very good. I'm now starting to lose observing time as the Sun is now starting to rise slightly to the NE everyday thus cutting out my imaging time to less than 30 minutes for now. Adding to this frustration is the damn tall building obstructing totally my eastern window view !!! So I have no choice to to savor as much solar imaging sessions before I get totally obstructed in a month or two instead of my usual May leeway time :( AR11967 Sunspot group is starting to get larger as well as the central region of this group has grown more complex thus making this group even more joy to observe and image! AR11968 Sunspot Group is also growing in size but does not compare much to AR11967 Sunspot in Group in beauty! Something went wrong with my full disk images this morning as I can't find the files I imaged. Maybe a software glitch :( Sheeth happens once in a while ....... :( ======= I got to only image AR11967 Sunspot Group in Ha wavelength due to my roof obstruction. But did saw some nice prominences around the Sun though. Anyway, Hope to do some tomorrow......

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