Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mars Imaging Session - April 9, 2014

After a frustrating failed attempt to image Mars at opposition last April 8, I was able to finally get my first image of planet Mars with ZWO ASI120MM webcam using Baader RGB filter through ATIK Manual Filter Wheel. Not only this is my first attempt to image Mars with the ASI120MM , it was also my first to do an RGB shot of any planet so I had a hard time playing around with the RGB combination. Seeing is fair but lots of clouds passing by so it was also very frustrating but I keep my cool. I was planning to image with the 5x Powermate but had to back down to using 2x barlow lens because of not so good seeing condition. Syrtis Major, Hellas and Utopia Region is at central meridian while Sabaeus Sinus is starting to come to view as well. North Polar Cap can also be seen. Despite the not so good seeing condition, I'm still quite happy with the results and hoping to image Mars once again tomorrow night.

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