Friday, August 22, 2014

Solar Imaging Session - August 23, 2014

The sky this morning is partly cloudy and very hazy. Seeing condition is fair though. This is my first solar imaging session since April 17th!!! As I was trying to focus and test new feathertouch focuser configuration on my solar imaging, I had to check solar orientation as well as initial focus point which I will be using for the succeeding sessions. As I got to get a good focus, CLOUDS (What else is new???) started to cover the Sun! I was very frustrated as I had to wake myself up after a long tiring bus trip from Baguio around midnight! Good thing, before I call it quits as the Sun is near my roof obstruction already, clouds teased me and thought I couldn't take a shot of the Sun anymore as I was preparing to packed up. I quickly grab that a very short opportunity to image AR12146 before it covered the Sun again after 3 minutes of open sky gap. Image is acceptable despite the unstable seeing condition. Overall, I'm still happy at least I got to image and see old Sol up close and personal again.

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