Thursday, March 31, 2016

Solar Imaging Session - April 1, 2016

Today is April Fool's Day and the sky was cloudy this morning when I wake up. :( After I fetch my son KC to tutor, I had a small window for me to grab a few shots of the Sun in Ha before it gets obstructed by the roof. There is a huge eruptive prominence visible in the NE limb! Very photogenic as well. AR2526 Sunspot Group, on the other hand, shows a bit of decline in solar activity as the flares beside the group had toned down a bit. The huge dark filament in the SW quadrant has exited a bit to the limb thus showing a nice FilaProm structure :) After I packed up my stuff, it rained hard :) LOL Guess this is my April Fool's Day prank for me to image the Sun and gets rained but luckily, I got to packed up before it poured hard :) LOL

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