Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Solar Imaging Session - April 18, 2019

I wake up late this morning at 9:00am so I had to scamper out of bed to haul my solar setup to my parking area to image the Sun asap as I had less than 1 hour to image AR2738 Sunspot Group in both white light and Ha wavelength before I get obstructed by the tall building. The seeing condition this morning is very erratic so image focus comes in and out almost the whole session. AR2738 Sunspot Group in white light is becoming dull as it is nearing the western limb but in Ha wavelength, the image and view is still beautiful. Also, another new sunspot group AR2739 Sunspot Group is growing a little east of AR2738 Sunspot Group but is of class B type for now. A nice large eruptive prominence is also visible in the NE limb.

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