Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Solar Imaging Session - May 14, 2019

The sky this afternoon is clear but seeing is very weird on the start of my session as I cant seem to get any contrast and hard to focus on both Ha and white light for no apparent reason. As I try to figure out the problem , I got to even burn an eyepiece cap due to frustration on the problem as I forgot to remove it from the barlow and it quickly burn the plastic fast as I try to figure out why there is no image coming out of my laptop screen, Good thing, it was a short spell or else I could have melted rubber drip on my star diagonal! And to top it all up, my imaging data are all garbage because I didn't notice my Fire Capture software was acting up and it automatically set itself up to a small 300x300 image resolution! Its a good thing, I was able to restart the laptop again and it got back to normal and I got a decent Ha image of AR2741 Sunspot Group only and lost my data on the huge Hedgerow prominence as well as got a very low resolution white light image of the sunspot group. Sigh! Fight another day :)

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