Monday, December 21, 2020

December 21, 2020 Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction

The sky this evening is very cloudy and actually I already lose hope of seeing it as today is the closest separation  between planet Jupiter and Saturn with less than 0.6 deg apart. 

Actually, I started to wait for clearing since 5:45pm and I only was able to get a glimpse of then first with my Huawei P40 Pro smartphone at 6:51 pm with a low altitude of 11 degrees! I got to snap it at 27mm focal length (35mm equivalent) at f/1.9 1/17 sec at ISO 4000. I also tried to image it through the Borg 76ED refractor at 500mm f/6.5 prime focus at 1/3 sec at ISO 3200. The image is already muddy at less than 10 degrees but I can still see Jupiter and Saturn obviously. Sometimes, astronomy is a test of patience as the time you spend waiting for the clouds to open up might not come out successfully. 

Nevertheless I'm still happy to capture them despite the worst condition that I had. Hope to capture it tomorrow at a higher altitude and better weather.


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