Sunday, February 21, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - February 22, 2010 ( Numerous Large Eruptive Prominences!)


With the conclusion of the National Astronomy Week celebration last Saturday, I can now start to image the Sun again but unfortunately, I will going to my provincial work trip in Laoag and Baguio tonight so I didn't waste the opportunity to observe the Sun this morning. AR 11049 grows in size a bit but is nearing the SW limb. Numerous large eruptive prominences can be seen in all 4 quadrants of the Sun with the largest one in the NW limb. There were 2 possible active region development on the Sun with the larger one near the center frame of the SE limb while the other smaller one can be seen in the NE limb.

I will be back in Manila on Saturday to continue to image the Sun again :)

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