Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - September 30, 2010 - AR11109 /11110 Sunspot Groups


The sky this morning was a bit hazy and seeing condition was not that good :( Nevertheless, I still proceeded to observe the Sun through both white light and Ha wavelength. Most prominent feature that caught my eye right away is the beautiful AR 11109 Sunspot Group which shows nice details! One large prominence as well as several small ones can be seen in the Sun's limb. Also visible is the AR 11110 group which I was able to image together with AR11109. Another active region AR11111 group is still near the limb and doesn't show much details yet but who knows? Maybe it might also become a big group in the days to come :) LOL Also need to be viewed is a new possible active region that might emerges near the center of the solar disk. Who knows? It might get designated AR 11112 in the days to come if it developed further........

In white light, AR11109 Sunspot Group is beautiful to view as it displays nice details in both umbra and penumbral regions plus a nice bright light bridge cutting the through the main umbral group. As I was planning to image AR11110 and 11111 groups, thick clouds started to cover the Sun and I had to quit imaging in high resolution and quickly snap a whole disk shot through passing clouds before I got totally overcast! Nevertheless, still happy with the session as I was again able to image the Sun again through Ha and also white light after a long spell :(

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