Saturday, January 14, 2017

Solar Imaging Session - January 14, 2017

The sky this morning is partly clear and seeing condition is fair. There are 2 active sunspot regions now visible in the eastern limb namely AR2626 and 2625 Sunspot Group. Although small in size, it is still better than nothing for the past 2 weeks if I remember it right. There are also 3 large prominences on the solar limb which makes the session a bit fun :) I use once again my trusty TV-101 refractor once again to see if I can get some decent images out of it while fighting seeing conditions which has been very bad last 2 weeks. Anyway, I have to alter a little bit my solar processing technique from my previous technique with the Coronado PST-Ha before and looks like I'm starting to learn bit by bit on how tame this beast.

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