Sunday, February 19, 2017

Solar Imaging Session - February 20, 2017

The sky this morning is cloudy and I had to wait for very long time for the Sun to come out of the building obstruction on my eastern horizon :(  Clouds getting thicker every moment and I had to fight through clouds to get only a shot of the large eruptive prominence in the NE limb.  I missed out the beautiful looped prominence visible last night from the US and European view :(  Anyway, I think Im starting to tame a bit the Quark Chromosphere Ha on my imaging system. and hopefully can do more finer details when seeing condition is good.

After I deliver lunch food to my son at school, the sky was partly cloudy a bit but ample blue sky so I went back to quickly setup as it's about to be obstructed again by our other roof! Got to image the huge hedgerow prominence on the western limb before obstruction sets in and ends my session.

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