Friday, February 24, 2017

Various Daystar Quark Chromosphere Tuner Setting Calibration on AR2638 Sunspot Group

Itching to get an idea of where specifically my Quark Chromosphere Ha filter tuner setting should be optimal, I forced myself to haul down again at the laundry area to get some quickie shots of AR2638 Sunspot Group. Based from my previous last rough tuner calibration testing, i concluded that 0 setting is almost optimal, while going to + settings will get me to off band tuning while going to (-) setting which is counterclockwise from 0 is the way to go to get optimal tuning. In light of this, I concentrated this morning to fine tune my tuner settings but I was only able to get tuner calibration settings of only from 0 to -4 (counterclockwise from 0 setting) before clouds interfered again. From the looks of it, it seems the 0 and -1 setting is a toss up for best setting for my needs but somehow I think the 0 setting is the right setting for my solar setup. What do you think??? :) Comments and critics are welcome. Thanks.

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