Friday, April 14, 2017

Solar Imaging Session - April 15, 2017

I wake up late this morning as my back hurts after a 3.5 hour swim with my family at Ace Water Spa to cool off my hot body. The sky this morning is partly cloudy but seeing condition is poor as I had a hard time focusing on the Sun! AR2650 Sunspot Group is losing steam as even in Ha wavelength, the flaring activity inside its core is starting to die down. The huge long dark filament is extremely long that I need to reduce down my usual 400mm focal length to 300mm just to fit the entire filament in the field of view of my ZWO ASI120MM webcam at full 1280x960 image resolution. I wasn't able to image AR2650 Sunspot Group in white light wavelength as I got obstructed by the roof already.

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