Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Solar Imaging Session - November 15, 2017

The sky this morning is partly clear and we have no work today so I use this opportunity to do some solar imaging with my old reliable TV-101 refractor / GPDX setup. Its been a very long time since I have reuse this setup since January 14, 2017 , almost 10 months ago, so I'm pretty they are very happy that I opted to bring them out to the roof deck to be bathed under the Sun :) LOL After I setup my system, I had a hard time getting focus because I forgot already its best configuration for the TV-101 refractor and Daystar Quark to reached focus, I tried several configurations before I got the correct one and that wasted a lot of my solar imaging time :( My first shot with the TV-101 refractor was on new AR2687 Sunspot Group. Its obvious that aperture wins in resolution compare to my more portable Canon EF100-400mm IS L lens setup but the seeing is a bit more catchy on the TV-101 refractor as I'm also magnifying the bad seeing which was obvious today. After I snatch AR2687 Sunspot Group with TV-101 refractor, I reverted back to my Canon EF100-400mm setup and hoping to get a slightly more forgiving image with it. I also re-image AR2687 Sunspot Group with the Canon lens as well as a nice large FilaProm through the Daystar as well as a close up white light shot of the sunspot group. I packed up after 2 hours of solar imaging session exhausted but still happy. I might do further more imaging with the TV-101 refractor on Ha wavelength in the future with the Canon L lens as backup if seeing sucks.

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