Monday, July 5, 2021

Solar Imaging Session - July 5, 2021

I wasn't expecting to image the Sun this morning as weather prediction for this week is cloudy and rain. But the sky was clear this morning to my surprise so I quickly make a quick solar imaging session before going to work. The sky despite clear has a fair seeing condition only as I suspect Taal Volcano S02 smog continue to affect the seeing condition. But I'm still glad to image. AR2835 Sunspot Group is nearing the SW limb with AR2836 Sunspot Group totally decayed and can only be seen in Ha and CaK wavelengths. AR2835 Sunspot Group is beautiful in Ha with nice flaring activity as well as presence of some Ellerman Bombs on the main core structure. There is also a new AR2829 Sunspot Group visible in the NE quadrant. Although small but I think it will still grow a bit in the days to come and will replace AR2835 as the group to watch this week. AR2837 Sunspot Group has also decayed almost totally. 

Seeing worsens more when I was about to image in CaK light. But as they say, you should be happy you got to image today despite the odds :) LOL

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