Sunday, September 26, 2021

Solar Imaging Session - September 26, 2021

The sky this afternoon is partly cloudy but there are some open sky so I setup at the roofdeck to image the Sun which I can now only do over the weekend as the Sun is obstructed by our neighbor tall building till end of January 2022 :( The seeing condition is not that good as it wobbles a lot but I still proceeded to image AR2871 and AR2872 Sunspot Groups in Ha wavelength. Afterwards, the sky got clouded out and it even drizzled a bit so was about to packup my setup and after 30 minutes, the clouds seem to teased me once again with some open sky near the Sun and so I had to reset up once again only to image AR2871 Sunspot Group in white light before I got clouded out again and again drizzled a little hard this time ending my imaging session.

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