Saturday, October 11, 2008

Solar Imaging Session - October 11, 2008 - Possible AR1004 Sunspot Group (?)


The sky this morning was surprising clear this morning as the weather yesterday and last night was bad and raining :( So this morning sky was a surprise for me so when I saw sunlight shining brightly on my eastern window, I quickly setup and monitor the Sun for nice eruptive prominences for me to image. There were several small prominences across the solar limb and one faint large eruptive prominence that I can see faintly.

Afterwards, I scan the solar surface for any solar activity and I was surprised to see a small sunspot group visible near the eastern limb, could this be AR 1004 Sunspot Group? The group appears as a small dotted line and with bright whitish solar flare beside the group. Below are the images that I took of the group as well as the faint large eruptive prominence.

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