Sunday, February 7, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - February 8, 2010 (AR 11045 Sunspot Group Grows Bigger and New Emerging AR 11046 Group


I'm not feeling well this morning maybe due to yesterday's activities so didn't report for work. Nevertheless, I still cannot restrain myself to still take a short peek at the Sun to see how AR 11045 is doing. From my observation, AR11045 has grown a little larger than yesterday and can be considered a large sunspot group already! I quickly snap a few shots of the Sun which have many prominences in almost all of its limb area :)

Another development is the re-emerging of AR 11042 (renamed AR11046) in the NE limb. I didn't image it at high resolution in white light yet as I spend my time trying to pull my remaining energy to get a good shot of AR11045 at High resolution. Seeing was not that good though.

In Ha light, AR 11045 was a sight to behold with its complex twisting bright plages encircling the group. The long dark filament that was visible yesterday remains visible. I'm hoping AR 11045 will grown in size and structure even more tomorrow.

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