Saturday, November 9, 2013

Solar Imaging Session - November 10, 2013 (Nice AR11890 Sunspot Group)

The sky this morning is clear and seeing condition is surprisingly not bad at all. I also got to notice that the Sun is rising more SE a bit so I'm praying that it will clear much earlier from that damn building and crane obstruction that had been haunting me the past few months. I concentrated on AR11890 Sunspot Group in white light first after I got several attempts before to learn to tame the ASI120MM webcam. So I had little problem now to image smoothly in white light wavelength. I also got to image new AR11893 & possible new AR11894 Sunspot Groups near the eastern limb. I then proceeded to imaging in Ha with the Coronado PST-Ha with some concerns on the newton rings that I was able to see in my first attempt in Ha wavelength with this camera. Somehow, I think I got to override the the effects of Newton rings at least to a minimum but I hope to tame it even more with more practice needed in the days to come.

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