Thursday, November 14, 2013

Solar Imaging Session - November 14, 2013 (Large AR11899 & AR11897 Sunspot Groups)

The sky this morning is partly hazy but seeing is not bad. There are 2 huge sunspot groups on the Sun with AR11899 Sunspot Group leading the way in the NE quadrant in terms of umbra size followed by AR11897 which is large in terms of area. Lots of nice sunspot are also visible on the Sun namely AR11895. 11896 & 11893 Sunspot groups. BTW, AR11899 Sunspot Group is now a naked eye Sunspot Group (Caution: Do not look directly at the Sun without safe solar filter or else eye damage and blindness will occur.) Once large AR11890 Sunspot Group is about to exit the SW limb today as well. I was only able to image the Sun's NE quadrant in Ha wavelength which consists of Huge AR11899 & 11896 Sunspot Groups as well as a large eruptive prominence before clouds cover the Sun :( Oh well, still a nice solar imaging session nevertheless.

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