Sunday, November 17, 2013

Solar Imaging Session - November 18, 2013 ( Beautiful AR11899 Sunspot Group!!!)

After resting yesterday from doing any imaging session after Caliraya due to possible stress out from sleepless nights,I was able to do solar imaging session again this morning and was greeted by AR11899 Sunspot Group by providing me an almost perfect seeing even for a short time period :) LOL Details from this group is amazing and so far the best from my previous imaging of the same group in the past few days.... How I wish it was constant daily. But after getting a fantastic view, nature told me I had enough and revert me back to regular seeing after imaging AR11899 Sunspot Group by providing me a more or less good seeing for me t image AR11896 and and 11893 Sunspot Groups. I was also able to do some decent work under good seeing in Ha wavelength for me to image AR11899 Sunspot Group as well as a nice large eruptive prominence visible in the NW limb.

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