Monday, October 20, 2014

Solar Imaging Session - October 20, 2014 (Very Active Sun!)

The sky this morning is a bit erratic once again with lots of clouds passing by the Sun. I quickly setup and waited for a while before I was able to capture 2 video clips of giant AR12192 Sunspot Group before I got clouded out again! But seeing there are several clouds openings moving toward where the Sun is located, I waited a while before I could snap full disk image of the Sun in white light. After full disk shot, I thought the sky won't let me do Ha wavelength anymore as Ha imaging needs better sky as well as more stable seeing conditions. Since I was eager to get the most images I could before I go to my week long provincial work trip, I waited for another hour or so before I could see another small cloud clearing approaching the Sun again! I'm glad that I did so because I was stunned to see numerous solar activities in Ha wavelength! Aside from the remnants of the X-flare the other day, another beautiful feature on the Sun was a very beautiful Huge Fila-Prom in the NE limb! Wow! According to, "the AT12192 sunspot yesterday produced a long-duration X1-flare and a strong HF radio blackout over Asia and Australia. The next X-flare, if one occurs, will be even more geoeffective as the sunspot turns toward Earth." The double stacked combination of my Coronado PST-Ha coupled with my friend's SolarMax 40 front filter with T-Max tuner shows a 3-D effect of the Fila-Prom! A Fila-Prom is actually a limb prominence that erupts toward the Sun's surface instead of the usual prominence that ejects out of the Sun disk. Numerous dark filaments are also visible on the Sun's surface and I'm glad that I waited with patience for today's solar imaging session :) See you again this weekend!

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