Friday, October 24, 2014

Solar Imaging Session - October 24, 2014

After a failed attempt yesterday to observe and image the Sun together with fellow ALPer John Nassr. We were able finally to get some good clear sky in the early morning to do some solar imaging session together! Seeing condition was pretty steady and good. AR2192 is still impressive after I miss imaging it last 3 days. For this session , we use John's AP127 refractor with Baader Herschel Wedge and TV 2.5x Powermate on DragonFly 2 webcam to image the giant group in white light wavelength. We then shifted to Ha imaging afterwards to image the same group as well as a huge long dark filament and 2 more nice sunspot groups AR2195 and 2194 with nice group of eruptive prominences! Ha imaging was done with AP127 refractor with DragonFly 2 webcam on Coronado SM60 and BF30 filter. It was a very nice solar imaging collaboration between me and John as we also both exchange solar imaging ideas and techniques after the imaging session. John and his wife Mae also invited me to Pizza Volante to have a hearty breakfast as well as more astro chat :) We hope to do more astro imaging collaboration in the months to come!

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