Sunday, October 26, 2014

Solar Imaging Session - October 26, 2014

The sky this morning is very cloudy. But I proceeded to setup to try to image AR2192 Sunspot Group at around 10:00am. Clouds continue to pour in and getting darker and darker and I had already decided to pack up because of unending dark clouds. As midway from my pack up time. Suddenly surprised to see clouds opening up from nowhere and I had to scramble all the equipment back asap for me to get a shot of AR2192 Sunspot Group both in white light and Ha wavelength. But seeing condition worsens after less than 30 minutes and later got clouded out and rained. As I was imaging, I got a sad message from my friend Francia Avila that our ALP honorary director Father Victor L. Badillo, SJ had passed away this morning at the age of 84 :( I had to paused a while for a minute of silence to pray for him as he is one of my mentors during my early stage of astronomy. Philippines loses another great man in the field of astronomy. He is also our wedding priest when I got married with my wife Charito back in 2000.

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