Friday, November 7, 2014

Solar Imaging Session - November 7, 2014

The sky this morning is once again clear but seeing condition is pretty bad. I'm having a hard time focusing both on white light and Ha wavelength! I also got the chance to test out the T2 tilt adapter to try to remove the Newton Rings in a more convenient way. Unfortunately, with the big casing of the ZWO ASI120MM webcam, I can't access the adjusting screws as it is partially covered by the big casing of the webcam :( So for this morning, I was just able to test the tilt adapter at 0 deg tit to see if there is a need for tilting. Unfortunately, I need to make tilting adjustment in tomorrow or Sunday's solar imaging session. I also wasn't able to do double stack Coronado PST-Ha and SM40 as the seeing virtually wont allow me to focus properly! Nevertheless, I was able to ask my machine shop friend to help me trim down my allen wrench so that it can access the narrow gap between the T2 tilt adapter and the ASI120MM webcam casing. So back to square one in learning to tame the T2 tilt adapter with the Double Stacked Coronado PST-Ha / SM40 with ZWO ASI120MM setup configuration :0

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