Friday, June 11, 2021

Solar Imaging Session - June 12, 2021

The sky this morning is clouded out and I don't have plans to do any solar imaging .  But at around 10:30am PST (+8 GMT) , I saw some sunlight out of the window and I was tempted to setup and try to capture some images . As I setup my solar scope on the roof deck, clouds decided to interfere again and clouded me out!  Since I already setup, I patiently waits for even a small window for me to capture AR2829 and 2832  and the huge SW eruptive prominence but sad to say, its a failed session :(  As I was planning to pack up already past 12pm, a small 10 seconds window let me capture the SW huge eruptive prominence, which had shrunk in size a bit compare to yesterday's view.  Well, not the best image but I'm still quite happy I got it even i the smallest way and means.

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