Friday, April 2, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - April 2, 2010 ( Huge Eruptive Prominence!!! )


I wake up late this morning because I was tired from driving to Subic Ocean Adventure yesterday :( I quickly inspect first how AR 11057 Sunspot Group is doing. While I center the Sun to my PST-Ha field of view, a huge eruptive prominence automatically caught my eye! It has two bright pillars with faint filamentary tendrils in between the 2 bright pillars! I will try to continue monitoring it tomorrow if it will still grow or subside :)

As for AR 11057 Sunspot Group, it has decayed a lot and now only supports one core structure left and is nearing the NW limb. AR 11059, on the other hand, is almost the same as past few days in size but it now has a beautiful dark filament beside it. Another larger dark filament can also be seen in the SW limb.

As for white light imaging, I only was able to image AR 11057 in bad seeing before my solar view got obstructed thus missed imaging AR 11059 and whole disk :( I need to wake up and start imaging now at 7:00am (23:00pm UT) time sked now or else I will run out of time to prepare and image the Sun both in H-Alpha and White Light :(

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