Friday, April 2, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - April 3, 2010 (Huge Eruptive Prominence still visible !!!)


The sky this morning is partly hazy with some clouds hovering near the Sun. I quickly setup and monitor the huge eruptive prominence that I saw yesterday and it was still there but it loses one of its bright pillars already but the remaining other pillar of the the huge prominences got taller!

AR 11057 Sunspot Group is about to exit the NW limb and AR 11059 continues to be constant in size and the dark filament beside it becomes more prominent. The dark filament near the SW limb is almost gone but is still fairly visible though as it nears the edge of the SW limb.

I was able to image whole disk white light this morning but got clouded out before I do any closeup shot of the 2 sunspot group :(

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