Saturday, April 3, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - April 4, 2010 (Huge Prominence still visible for 3rd day!!!)


The sky this morning was surprisingly clear and seeing is good. I check the Huge Eruptive Prominence if it is still visible and whoa! It is still visible and quite large still! Although there are signs that the prominence is starting to collapse back to the limb. Maybe this prominence will be smaller tomorrow or gone in my estimation.

AR 11057 Sunspot Group is at the edge of the NW limb so its good bye! AR 11059 is still visible but uninteresting and might be quite a bore if not for the nice dark filaments beside it. Aside from the huge prominence in the NE limb, there is a possible active region developing in the eastern limb near the huge prominence. Who knows ? This might give us another good solar observation this week :)

I image also AR 11057 in white light as parting shot for this nice sunspot group.

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