Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - April 7, 2010 (4 Sunspot Groups and 2 Large Eruptive Prominences!!!)


I got to wake up early this morning and started imaging the Sun with the PST-Ha. There are 2 large eruptive prominences visible in both NE and SW limb! Aside from the prominences, AR 11061 Sunspot Group grows a bit larger as well as AR 11060 Group. A new possible AR 11062 (?) Sunspot Group is developing in between AR 11060 and AR11061. Although like AR 11059 Sunspot Group, AR 11062 is still very small and point like dot that one can missed viewing unless you have a good pair of sharp eyes :) LOL A Large Dark Filament can also be seen in the NE limb.

I was also able to image the Sun in white light both closeup and whole disk. Man! With all the data I got this morning, processing all the images in one sitting can be tiring and time consuming but nevertheless I enjoy viewing them after I got to finish processing them till morning hours of next day :) LOL

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