Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jupiter Imaging Session - October 7, 2010


I got a chance to setup and observe the planet Jupiter for quite a long time. As I focus Jupiter on the eyepiece, it rekindle my interest to try imaging it with my small setup. But with Jupiter already nearing my roof obstruction, I scamper to quickly setup my basic imaging equipment. With almost 5to 6 years of planetary imaging hiatus, I had a hard time foc using and centering Jupiter in the small field of view of the camera sensor. But after 10 minutes of trial and centering, I got to image it under bad seeing and before it got obstructed by the roof!

I plan to image it again tomorrow if weather is ok and will do the imaging session maybe around 7:00pm instead of around 7:45pm! That way, I will get some more imaging time to spare for me to practice and honing my planetary imaging skills again........

Nevertheless, the initial imaging result is ok for me but not that great as I want to be, but at least its a great start for me to again to do planetary imaging again once in a while :)

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