Thursday, October 28, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - October 28, 2010 ( 2 Huge Eruptive Prominences & Active AR 11117 Sunspot Group )


The sky this morning is slightly hazy with fair seeing condition. As I saw the Sunlight shining through our window. I quickly got up and start to setup and take a look at the Sun in Ha light. Wow!!! 2 super huge eruptive prominence eclipsed my attention to AR11117 Sunspot Group! The super huge eruptive prominence that can be seen in the NE limb is a sight to behold as I was able to image it when the prominence is ejecting its shell out to space! Another huge eruptive prominence can also be found in the Eastern limb that is also a joy to look at!

AR11117 Sunspot Group has shrunk in length but it now looks like a triangle group :) The main sunspot component of this group continues to grown in size thus making it very photographically appealing now than before both in Ha and white light wavelength :) I do hope that the 2 huge eruptive prominences will still be visible so I can make some comparison shots of them to today's appearance.

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