Thursday, October 14, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - October 15, 2010 ( Huge Dark Filament & Eruptive Prominence !!! )


After overcoming several days of bad weather conditions, I was surprised to see a small window of opportunity for me to observe and image the Sun through small openings in the sky near the Sun. As I focus on the Sun through the PST-Ha, I was was delighted to see a large dark filament arching almost 1/4 the diameter of the Sun! I wasted no time and setup my imaging equipment asap so that I can image it before a large band of clouds trying to cover up the sky!

The very long dark filament was a joy to look at as seems to be connected to nearby AR 11112 Sunspot Group. Adding spice to the filament shot was a huge eruptive prominence that was visible in the SSW limb area.

AR11113 Sunspot Group is also visible now near the NE limb as well as several nice group of eruptive prominences that are visible around the solar limb.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to image new small AR11114 Sunspot Group as clouds finally catch up on me :(

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