Monday, November 15, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - November 16, 2010

The sky this morning was partly cloudy again just like yesterday and again I'm frustrated in my imaging attempt to capture the solar actions from our old friend Sol :( I started out at 7:20am and ended my session after seeing no more chance to image the Sun till 9:15am with our house's roof obstructing my view. Nevertheless, I was still able to get a shot of AR11124 Sunspot Group in H-Alpha wavelength only.

AR11124 Sunspot Group continues to grow and shows nice solar activity inside its core group. A small nice dark filament can be seen arching above AR11124 group. A nice large eruptive prominence can also be seen near the NW limb to add some spice to the NW quadrant.

This will be my last solar imaging session for the week till next Friday as I will be on my monthly out of town working trip. Hope to start imaging again next weekend! :)

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