Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - November 9, 2010


The sky this morning is fair with some patchy clouds. In H-Alpha, AR11121 Sunspot Group still continues to show activity inside its core while AR11122 Sunspot Group started also to deteriorate and one of its main component has decayed fast :( I was expecting it to grow further .... Too bad :(

The huge eruptive prominence visible yesterday is gone already and only some small eruptive prominences are visible around the solar limb. To add some spice to today's solar activity, 2 nice large dark filaments can be seen in the NE quadrant :)

As I was imaging AR11122 Sunspot Group in white light, passing clouds started to block my view of the group but I still manage to image it before a stubborn cloud patch covered the Sun from me and doesn't seem to let me do further imaging of AR11121 Sunspot Group although I was able to glimpse it for a short time and can also see the group is also starting to decay as well.

Hope I can get some good breaks tomorrow morning for me to continue monitoring the 2 groups.

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