Monday, November 8, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - November 8, 2010 ( New AR11122 & AR11121 Sunspot Groups with Huge Eruptive Prominence !!! )


The sky this morning was surprising clear and I didn't waste anytime and start imaging right away! AR11121 Sunspot Group continues to show highly active solar activity inside its core. A huge Eruptive Prominence can also be seen in the SE limb!

After I finish imaging through H-Alpha wavelength, I proceeded to image the Sun in white light. AR11121 Sunspot Group is also starting to decay a bit but its length is still more or less the same as yesterday. Some faculae can still be seen beside the group.

As I start centering AR11121 Group, I accidentally come across AR11122 Sunspot Group which is situated more or less near the NW quadrant. Although slightly smaller than AR11121 Group, I can see 2 small main component on this new group that I estimate might still grow more prominent in the days to come.

As I quickly review my H-Alpha images taken a little earlier, it was then that I notice I was able to image it already together with decayed AR11120 Sunspot Group which has already diminished but still retain some slight activity that can be seen only in H-Alpha wavelength.

I was also able to image the Sun in whole disk white light as well today to show the position of sunspot groups.

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