Thursday, November 4, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - November 5, 2010 (AR11121 a.k.a. Returning AR11112 Sunspot Group)


Sky this morning is super bad and I have to struggle with the clouds that are hovering in front of the Sun! Darn! It was very hard to do any solar imaging today but since I got a glimpse of super bright flare surrounding returning AR11112 Sunspot Group (now designated AR11121) at the edge of the SE limb, I just can't let it pass by without trying to do any image on it. The flare was so bright that it is still visible through most of the clouds that is passing in front of the Sun except of course the super dark ones :) LOL . A nice large eruptive prominence is also visible near AR11121 Group as well.

As for AR11120 Sunspot Group, I can see some small activity on the group but unfortunately, no chance to image it because I got clouded out after getting a small 2-3 minutes of thin haze only for me to image AR11121 Group only :(

I hope to get a chance tomorrow to monitor this group if weather is ok.

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