Monday, December 23, 2013

Lunar Imaging Session - December 24, 2013

I arrive home late after having a body massage to remove my body pain. Unfortunately, I was surprised to see the Moon getting obstructed by our darn tall neighborhood building and thus i will be left with a very small imaging window as the Moon needs clear out from the top of the tall building :( I was only able to image 2 closeup shots of the Moon before the Moon got obstructed by my own roof! I concentrated on imaging the large Clavius crater region as well as the lesser known Abulfeda crater region. This area also has a nice V shaped crater light reflection similar to the Lunar X which is normally seen during the First Quarter Moon. Not sure if this is called the Lunar V :) I tried to catch up with a full disk lunar image with the Canon EF100-400mm IS L lens on sturdy tripod outside our house to conclude my lunar imaging session this morning.

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