Saturday, December 21, 2013

Solar Imaging Session - December 22, 2013

The sky this morning is cloudy and I thought that this will be a rest day for me to do solar imaging. But at around 9:10am, I saw some sunlight shining in through my observing window so I quickly snap a few white light images through some passing clouds before I got obstructed by the roof :( Seeing condition is poor this morning. AR11928 Sunspot Group is now nearing the the SW limb. AR11931 Sunspot Group has a nice penumbral structure worth monitoring in the days to come specially after AR11928 Sunspot Group exits the Sun's limb in 3 days more or less. New AR11934 Sunspot Group is moderate in size and I hope it will develop some more for us to have some nice sunspots to image in the days to come.

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