Monday, December 23, 2013

Solar Imaging Session - December 24, 2013 (Desperately Seeking Solar)

The sky this morning is clouded out:( But at around 9;15am, I saw some sunlight peering through heavy passing clouds, I crazily still setup to image the Sun for can't explained reasons. These are the times normal solar imager will call it a day and instead having good breakfast time. But insanely enough , I still image AR11930, 11931 and 11934 Sunspot Group despite knowing too well, images will surely be crappy. Nevertheless, AR11931 and 11934 Sunspot Groups are both growing in size and will definitely replace AR11928 Sunspot Group as the main attraction during the Christmas holiday break. I hope to get a better weather tomorrow so that I won't be put into this predicament once again :) LOL Advance Merry Christmas to all!

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