Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lunar Imaging Session - December 25, 2013

The sky this evening was partly cloudy and seeing condition is poor. I still setup in order to see if I could image Lunar X during the last quarter phase of the Moon. Normally, easy to image during First Quarter phase, I have some apprehension if I could catch it tonight. As the Moon rises above my eastern horizon obstruction, I quickly snap a few shots of the area between Arzachel and Purbach Crater Region. I was able to image but not the degree that I'm expecting it to be :( Although it is obvious that it is the Lunar X, unfortunately, the best time to image it would have been maybe 2-3 hours before my exposure thus my Lunar X top portion is already past its sun lighted area :( Nevertheless, I'm still happy for the effort despite the poor seeing condition :) I also manage to image Alphonsus crater region as well as a full disk shot.

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