Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - January 12, 2010


The sky this morning was a bit hazy but seeing started well when I image AR 11040 in H-Alpha light with Coronado PST-Ha. I also noted that the sunspot group is growing bigger and the main components of this group is also getting complex in structure.

Unfortunately, when I switched to white light imaging, clouds started to rolled in and I had a hard time imaging the Sun specially at closeup and I encountered trouble both in focusing as well as exposure. Also, with time running out for me to shoot more frames this morning as I'm getting late for work. I had to deal with whatever images I have to use :( Nevertheless, I still proceeded to image the group even though the image is poor in quality and dim :(

I will experiment tomorrow with the use of the ATK-1HS II webcam to replace the DSLR in my closeup shot so that I can acquire more image frame in lesser time at the expense of a lesser resolution camera. Seeing lately was really terrible that I'm really confronted with the decision to switch camera tomorrow. I might need to double stack 2 barlows for me to get a better image scale.

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